Space Bags Save Space

We’ve all vacuum sealed our food before, right? It keeps it fresher longer and ultimately saves space and makes for tidier storage. Space Bags apply the same principal to clothing, pillows and linens. Basically, put items in a large bag with a one-way valve. Then, use a vacuum to suck the air out for a fresher and smaller hermetically sealed article. Oh, and not just smaller, three times smaller. We assume if the clothes are airtight, they will remain fresher and, since it will have to remain airtight to remain compressed, the amount of space saved will be the primary focus of our testing.

The box doesn’t just make the claim, it shows a pile of pillows, blankets and clothing before and after using the 6 large and 6 extra-large Space Saver bags. The claim is pretty impressive, the pile is all but flattened by these bags. Either I’m just as flabbergasted as you might be or someone just went boom-boom in my labcoat.

The bags patented primary technology is the one-way valve that makes the vacuum sealing process possible.  Wasn’t that invented with the baby bottle nipple? You press your vacuum hose against the one-way valve where it instantly seals and begins removing air.  I am using a newer model Hoover bagless vacuum, her name is Vactoria. She is powerful enough for me to be convinced that the average household will not have a more powerful vacuum and that you at home will experience results similar to mine.

I’m gonna start with pillows. For the record, they started with me first.

They make it pretty simple. The directions are on the bag, for those who ate too many paint chips as a child. The zipper makes for easy opening and closing of the bag.  The time to suck is upon us, let’s see what this bag can do!

In just a matter of seconds, the bag was turned into a raisin look-a-like and vacuum sealed.

Not bad. The only problem is that this bag is nowhere near as compressed as the photo.  My estimate is that the bag was reduced by maybe 40%.  We were expecting closer to 70%.  Also, these are pillows, which contain more air than clothes and blankets for sure.  The picture on the box shows virtually flattened bags, this isn’t even close to that. I was expecting Kate Moss flat, I ended up with an odd shaped, lumpy, Keira Knightly flatness.  Interesting note, Kate and Keira achieved their flatness with both blow and suck.  Just kidding, you girls are class acts.

So, just when I was closing the large bag, which was filled with clothes and blankets, the seam near the zipper split and ruined this bag.  I swear the bag was not overloaded.

I grabbed a second bag and loaded it with the same items as before, except for one towel to lighten the load a bit. As I was closing the second bag the little white slider snagged the plastic and ripped the seam again!  WTF!   This had to be what happened the first time. No, that’s not a peace sign, that’s a “piece of sh*t” sign.

Alright, let’s see what happens with fewer items.

No more “Mr. Nice Suck,” this time I’m pullin’ every last bit of air out of this thing possible. You couldn’t blow a bubble with the air that is left in that bag and still I’m only seeing maybe a one-third reduction in size. It’s a sad day for space everywhere, for it will not be saved, unless it devotes it’s life to Christ. Amen!

One last quick test before I give this product the boot. How long can it stay vacuum sealed? I am going to give it two weeks under my bed and see what happens.

It seems to have expanded a bit. It barely fit under my bed to begin with. When I pulled it out, it was wedged worse than when i put it in, so it had to have gained some air. Either way, this product failed miserably. It only saved marginal space. It ripped, twice.  And, it has no staying power, like any show on MTV that didn’t feature Carson Daly or a guy named Beavis.

Now, I am a little critical because I don’t believe the product is speaking the truth on the packaging.  For me, I say save your money, cause this won’t save space. Rat OUT!

On the other hand, some of the other lab rats tried it and found it to be useful with storing blankets as well as winter clothes.  The biggest complaint was the clothes came out wrinkled.  A rat on…

So it looks like we have a draw.  I guess you have to temper you expectations and determine if it is worth it to you.

If you want, try it for yourself. Use link below:

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