“Old Fashioned” Peanut Butter Maker

Tired of paying big bucks for peanut butter? Can’t stand having to ride your horse down to the local trading post just to have a PB&J? Maybe you have a bushel of peanuts you want to preserve for the upcoming harsh winter?  Since peanut butter is cheap and this isn’t the 1800s, I doubt you’d buy this machine out of necessity. We are going to test it just in case you get tired of your old ice cream maker and decide to venture into the world of peanut butter production.  If this thing works, we’ll start out own line of Lab Rats peanut butter. Choosy moms choose Lab Rats Nut Butters.

The testing procedure:

We are going to process a few different types of nuts: regular dry roasted peanuts, sticky honey roasted peanuts and oily sunflower kernels.  These varieties will test the strength of the motor. The sunflower kernels were chosen because they are smaller, softer and have a lot more oil content than the peanuts. If all goes wrong with the peanuts, then the sunflower kernels will be tossed in as a mercy move.  Also, I’ve never tasted sunflower butter and am a bit curious, which is in the true spirit of MyLabRats.net.

We know whatever comes out of this thing isn’t going to taste like peanut butter.  Unfortunately, peanut butter contains hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, salt and preservatives. Our testing will focus on the consistency and texture of the nut butter and the amount of nut butter produced.  Of course, ease-of-use and clean-up are important factors.  How many ways could you possibly make peanut butter easier to use? Well, check this out:

  • Peanut butter….Stick Type?
  • Skip the bread and apply directly to the lips–Chap Stick would be a thing of the past.
  • Forget salted/unsalted—I use medicated SPF15 butter and my kisses taste like movie theater popcorn.

As you can see the mechanism comes apart quite easily and is dishwasher safe, so easy cleaning is definitely a plus. The internal gizmo is actually a miniature extruder. It’s like tiny food disposal, but for nuts.

There is a dial on one side of the peanut butter maker to vary the consistency of the product from smooth to chunky.  We’ll definitely compare the extremes of the two settings side-by-side to see if there is an appreciable difference.
Creamy and chunky….. that reminds me of a photo I once saw.

QUICK! How many comments can you make about this image in the next 30 seconds… post your ideas.

  • How many licks does it take to get to the center of the earth?
  • Tastes like shame
  • If tube tops could scream, you’d hear this one over the concert
  • She doesn’t like her flip flops because they make her feet look fat
  • If we ring out her doo-rag, we could end world thirst
  • The world’s first form-fitting curtain skirt
  • Hopefully, she doesn’t mistake his frosted tips for frosting
  • I think she’s trying to fold his face like a slice of thin crust pizza
  • He’s wearing a pillowcase, she’s wearing the bed sheet
  • If his arms were each a foot longer, he could actually grab her by the biscuits.
  • Is that a goatee?…..on her?
  • I think her cankle has slid down her foot.
  • Don’t squeeze the Charmin, squeeze me instead.

but I digress.

Peanut butter is pretty amazing, if you think about it. It’s packed with carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, yet has no cholesterol.  You can survive for months on peanut butter and water alone.  Peanut butter is tough too.

If you call your sandwich a jelly and peanut butter, Peter Pan will call up Skippy and they will smear you in a Jif. That’s how important peanut butter is.  Also, dogs + peanut butter = hilarious.

With the machine constructed and the dogs shooed from the kitchen, we are ready to start making peanut butter.

Testing Underway (Fresh Roast)

With lab assistant, Brad, on by my side,  I will start with the dry roasted peanuts.  We decide to go with the smooth setting to see just how buttered this machine can make our nuts.

When I flipped the switch, all hell broke loose. The machine roared to life with a sound like rocks in a blender. Peanut chips flew out the spout while Brad and I jumped out of our shoes. The peanuts need to be stirred to keep flowing into the extruder.

Once the machine processed enough nuts, the butter started flowing. The grinding action heats up the nuts so it flows like peanut soft serve. It looks disgusting, but it smells like delicious hot nuts. Brad is clearly olfactorily satisfied. I want to grab a cracker and taste, but my amusement overpowers my stomach. The machine actually produces a considerable amount at an impressive rate.  It also appears there will be very little waste.  How about that for sustainability.

Tasting (Fresh Roast)

The consistency is definitely grainier than commercial peanut butter. There are no large chunks, but the difference is palatable. The taste is magnificent. The extreme nuttiness with the freshly roasted and ground flavors have put Brad in a state of nut ecstasy.

Testing Underway (Honey Roast)

Next up, honey roasted. These are much stickier nuts, so we thought they might not process as smoothly. This wasn’t the case. They went through the machine just as smoothly as the fresh roast and finished with the same consistency. This batch was a bit sweeter because of the honey.

Testing Underway (Sunflower Nuts)

Time to give the chunky setting a whirl. We’ll report the range of consistency produced.

Now for the wild card. We are putting sunflower seeds through the machine. They are smaller and oilier, so they should fire right on through.

The result is camouflage green sunflower butter that looks like it belongs in a diaper, not a sandwich. The butter appears to be oilier but it didn’t come out any faster.

It tastes ok, but peanut butter still tastes better. That face doesn’t lie. Sunflower butter will not be showing up on the shelves any time soon and also a word of caution.  If you have a nut allergy do not make out with a Starbal.

The motor stopped right as we were about to overflow the cup. I had to dump the remaining nuts. We learned later  it features a safety shut-off to prevent overheating. We made only one batch, so I don’t think this thing is capable of ramping up to commercial volumes. Unfortunately, My Lab Rats Nut Butters will not be coming to a store near you.

Our final rat squeak on this product

Making peanut butter is fun and tasty. You have to be willing to sacrifice creamy smooth consistency for all natural peanut paste that, thankfully, doesn’t contain the unhealthy additives in commercial peanut butter. If you enjoy the idea of honey sweetened and cinnamon flavored homemade nut butters, then I suggest buying the Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Maker. Personally I had fun, so did Brad.


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